Friday, September 3, 2010

Driving My Tagbilaran City

Leisurely drives along the streets of Tagbilaran City by yours truly...

The last two months - the last five days of June through the whole month of July and extending to ten more days in August, had been most memorable and fun stretch I have had in a long time. To be able to say I've had a dream-like glimpse and to be able to walk and have quite a few leisurely drives along the streets of this gorgeous town which gave me my early history and youthful pockets of experiences growing up was more than a dream-come-true, something I look forward to almost always. My Tagbilaran City - let me call you such for once - is and will always be home to me no matter how far I've been uprooted from this once ghostly-town-turned-tourism-destination-favorite of this modern day. Your radiant beauty and unique aroma will always be where I want to be, not sleeping or in a dream, but walking and frolicking along your streets and byways.