Thursday, March 18, 2010

St. Genevieve Choir Rehearses Fro's Music

They wanted to be called a gospel choir. I told them "No, you're not!" "You're St. Genevieve's Choir," I insisted. End of story. (".)

That was many years ago, of course.

They love to sing gospel songs and they are very good at it. I wish they were purely a gospel choir coz they'll be good at it.

I see my self in them; they love music and they love to sing. The only difference between them and me: I'm comfortable with the same old songs I've learned when I was a youngster and don't tire of singing them. Them? They're more aggressive and open to learning new songs (which is really admirable)... only, sometimes to a point of learning too many in so short a time. End result? They never learn enough songs by heart.

I mean, second nature. Memorized that would last a lifetime.

Needless to say, that's just my personal observation. For all I know, they could be masters of what I haven't heard yet! (LoL)

While me? I bore myself to death even with just a single song... until that said song becomes me and I that song. Sometimes I feel like I'm the one - or wish that I was the one - who wrote that very song I'm trying to become. Get the drift?

Well, I'm not really that stagnant or stuck with the oldies. In fact I'm very open to creativity or newly "hatched" music... but that's because songwriting happens to be one of my most treasure gifts - or hobby - that I never seem to run out of new music. Even more so learning new songs all the time.

A special "thank you" to St. Genevieve Chorus for accepting the request for the possibility of singing my original compositions at the celebration of my 25th to the Priesthood. To Mr. Ryan Rhodes, the music director, for tirelessly teaching the choir the music, almost all of which are "strange" to their hearing as many of them have been "shelved" for the longest time since their inception (LoL). Although a number of the tunes, like, "Glory To God," "Touch Of Heaven" and "Dear Jesus" are quite familiar to them and the parishioners as they have been taught and sung quite frequently in our parish. To all the choir members for deligently - and with enthusiasm - trying to "crammed" all the songs in so short-a-time that I didn't even bother to suggest how those songs are better expressed in singing. The choir had done enough and that was more than enough for me. And I really appreciate.

Believe it or not, I'm no proponent of perfect music. Don't get me wrong, I love good and great music. But I love it even more when people - choirs included - sing their hearts out, without regard to the possibility of making mistakes or not singing the right tune. Even more when they empower people to sing and lead the singing... and they become just the congregation choir! (Do you believe it's possible?)

As far as loudness is concerned, I never forget what an old mentor used to say when I was in my previous parish in Metairie, "If you think you're out of tune, sing louder all the more!" I happen to share the same sentiment in terms of singing for God. Period.

That's what I call great music. Great church music!!!

If God would have envisioned perfect music to His praise and glory, He would have none to do with earthly choirs. The angels alone (Sola Angela bwahaha!!!) would have been perfect!!!

To be continued...

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