Friday, April 9, 2010

Musikang Bol-anon Most Viewed Videos

The following are my most viewed videos on YouTube

There's always a sense of accomplishment accompanying some of the things that we do in life, whether one realizes or not, especially when people give you some sort of a pat in the back or a nod at what you do - a little affirmation here and there - that bring colors to dull moments that we seem to face everyday. Again, whether we like it or not.

Friends - in fact, people in general - visiting and enjoying some of the things you enjoy doing almost on a daily basis - in my case, putting together photos and videos, editing and uploading small feature films using the most common and less complicated programs that usually came with one's PC - is one heck of an entertainment itself - and joy as well - that bring a sense of purpose in your otherwise less meaningful activity, knowing that someone, somewhere around the world, has been affected, visually or artistically, by the thing that you do.

To be continued... (".)

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