Monday, April 5, 2010

The Mark Of Priestly Bliss Video Series

THE MARK OF PRIESTLY BLISS is my fourth official music album to date and my first since 1996. After almost 10 years of hiatus from songwriting, and music in general, I was inspired to come up with yet another self-published initiative... to mark the 25th year of my priesthood. Interestingly, the album title, THE MARK OF PRIESTLY BLISS, was originally written to mark another priest's milestone, a contemporary, who is 5 years younger. But Pope Benedict XVI's declaration of 2009 as "Year of the Priest" had ignited a once "dead-as-a-dodo" musical enterprise that hit the sack in 2005 in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. The misfortune of having thyroid cancer on the same year (and went in for radiation) and the fact that I lost my voice for quite sometime did not help my cause in the musical recovery. The thinking then - and the attitude prevailing - was... I had more important things to do other than music.

Like I said many times, "Who would have thought I'd be in this position again... doing what I love the most (i.e., songwriting) and the excitement of going to the studio again and come up with something concrete (a musical product in fixed form). I wouldn't trade this blessing for any other, artistically, and musically. I can only marvel at the goodness of God for this humbling experience.


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